Do you know what my favorite pastry is? Madeleines!! While these spongey mini cakes are TINY in stature, the flavors inside of them are phenomenal. I used to buy those madeleines from Costco, for years. Not kidding. Literally – YEARS! Let’s be real – these are irresistible, as Matty found out when we went to… Continue Reading

Chocolate Molten Heart Mini Cakes

You know those desserts that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside??!??! Those are the best kinds of desserts. My favorite, fuzzy-feeling dessert are these chocolate molten heart mini cakes! These are so versatile! I have made them when I want to say THANK YOU to Matty for being such a great partner… Continue Reading

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are a safe bet – no matter what life throws at you, one can find comfort in that first bite of the cookie! It seems most appropriate that my first post to this new site is chocolate chip cookies! With the crazy amount of readings and papers that life has thrown at… Continue Reading

Chocolate-Chip Yeast Raised Waffles!

Ever since I have had the chance to go to Saul’s Delicatessen in North Berkeley Gourmet Ghetto, I have fallen in love with their yeast-raised waffle. Everyone loves a good waffle, but this yeast-raised waffle was sooooo extraordinary – so fluffy and light, but so crispy at the same time! These waffles did not have… Continue Reading