Grilled Cheese

I HAVE NEVER MADE GRILLED CHEESE BEFORE TODAY. I REPEAT: I HAVE NEVER MADE GRILLED CHEESE BEFORE TODAY. Reason: I thought it was so complicated and intricate, and I always wondered how people got that char of toasted brown on the bread! Obviously, growing up in a traditionally Korean household, neither of my parents made grilled… Continue Reading

Tomato Soup: Healthy & Simple

When I was an undergraduate freshman in the dorms, I had A LOT of Campbell’s soup, especially the ones that had the letters in it. Do you all know what I am talking about? The ones with the soggy ABCS? I know that I could have bought the ones that didn’t have the mushy letters… Continue Reading


This past weekend, Hye Bin had a 4 day weekend from her program. Because she has been such a great partner and a great chef for me for the longest time, I wanted to make her a special meal. I thought to myself, “What is something delicious that I can make better than her? What… Continue Reading

Margherita Flatbread

There has been many a time when I am just so darn exhausted after a long day of school and student teaching that I just want to collapse on the floor, pick up my phone, and call up Papa John’s! Seeing as how those times have increased to 5 times a week, that pizza bill… Continue Reading


Fusion foods are all the rage these days, with many cultural foods that one would think would never mesh or blend being combined in DELECTABLE WAYS! Taking our two cultures into account, Matty and I have created our own fusion dish! In an irresistible mix of Korean and American cuisine, we bring you KoUSA fries!… Continue Reading

재육볶음 (Kimchi Pork Stir-Fry)

  Being the child of immigrants, I was always that kid that had the “stinky lunch” in the school cafeteria. The food of my culture would waft tantalizing, foreign smells across the cafeteria, emitting fragrances unknown to many of my peers. As I got older, I rebelled against the traditional Korean lunches that my mother… Continue Reading

Pho: Homemade & Do-able

Whenever the gray clouds begin to roll in, and the rain drops start to fall, my tummy starts to grumble for a nice bowl of pho. When I lived next to the Durant Food Court (aka Asian Ghetto) in South Berkeley, it was really easy to fulfill this craving! When I moved to North Berkeley… Continue Reading

Carnitas Enchilada Soup

As the warm summer days are coming to a close, and the wind is getting chillier, I feel like soup weather is coming! I don’t know about y’all, but the soups that are the best are the ones that have substance to them, with meat, veggies, and TONS of flavor! This soup incorporates the vibrant… Continue Reading