Hye Bin is currently a graduate student at the Stanford School of Education, studying to become an elementary school teacher. She is a strong believer in equitable access to education and loves students of all ages. In her free time, Hye Bin enjoys cooking, baking, hiking, going to the gym, and adventuring! Her weaknesses are Honey Nut Cheerios & Goldfish (those dangerously delicious little devils!).


Matthew is a software engineer. He enjoys hiking, programming, and eating the products that Hye Bin bakes and cooks! His favorite drink is a nice iced chai latte. Matt will never say NO to a … Burrito!


Kernel originates from Louisville, Kentucky. She has traveled from Louisville to Berkeley, CA, and she currently resides in Stanford, CA. She loves to give her meowmmy kisses, play with ribbons, and crunch on bacon! She is a strong adopt-don’t-shop activist! Kernel loves to Instagram, so you all can follow her here!