Pumpkin Patch in Half Moon Bay

img_3631Last Thursday, September 22nd, marked the first day of autumn for 2016! PLUS, it was the first day of my four day weekend from my graduate program! It was perfect.

I love fall. There are so many reasons to love autumn – scarves, flannels, boots, leggings, and FUN FALL ACTIVITIES! Last year, I went to the Petaluma Pumpkin Patch in North Bay, but now that I am in Stanford, that trip would have definitely been more of a drive. This year, after asking around and doing extensive research (aka Google), I found many options near South Bay. Many of these pumpkin patches were in Half Moon Bay!

While there were so many options in Half Moon Bay to choose from, I chose to go to Arata’s Pumpkin Patch! It was really highly rated and customers’ reviews were definitely positive.

I LOVED THIS PUMPKIN PATCH! There were many mega pumpkins lying in rows and rows to choose from, and Matty and I spent many minutes walking around, trying to find our mega pumpkin – THE PERFECT MEGA PUMPKIN – for this fall! This is the one we chose (It’s like 4 times the size of Matty’s head):


In addition to the mega pumpkins lying around, Arata’s also had smaller pumpkins for sale. There was so much variety, like the round cute ones that people put the fuzzy hair on, and the white ones.

I picked one to bake with and a few for my fall decorations. Real pumpkins are definitely better than plastic ones! 🙂

In addition to their pumpkin patch and pumpkin selection, Arata’s also had a pony ride option, hay bale maze, and even a haunted house. We didn’t partake in any of those, as I was a woman on a mission with these pumpkins but they are also popular attractions! PLUS, Arata has like 5 dogs who just want LOVE!!!!!

If any of y’all are looking for quick, fun and FALL RELATED (maybe a little cheesy?) activities to do this weekend, this is definitely a MUST!


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