Muir Woods Adventure: Fall 2016

Ever since I went on my first ever hike at Muir Woods a few years ago, it has definitely been my favorite park to go hiking! The wooded terrain with the deliciously musky redwood scent has always had the best allure!

Last June, when Matty and I tried to go one last time before we left Berkeley – WE COULDN’T GO BECAUSE THE PARKING LOTS WERE ALL FULL! I was so angry!

THIS TIME, to make sure that we did not miss out on the parking spots, we left Stanford at 6:00 am, aiming to get there around 7:30 am! While the parking lots were definitely NOT empty, there were some spots left. It is so crazy how popular a destination these woods are, but then again, seeing how much I love these woods, how can others ignore the appeal?

Today, we did the Ben Johnson and Dipsea Trail, which we had never ever done before in our previous trips to Muir Woods, but we can honestly say that this trail combination was the best at this park!

Our first great discovery were these awesome bear statues that we found on our hunt for the restrooms! (The restrooms near the parking lot were locked, and I REALLY HAD TO PEE!) Look at this super adorable bear! GO BEARS~~~


Matty and I usually never walk the paved roads that are near the entrance of the park, because we find that there are way too many tourists, but today, because we took new roads, we took it until the very end, where we found the Ben Johnson and Dipsea Trail.


Do you see the P on the lower right of the page? That’s where we parked, and we followed the trail that is shown in blue, until we arrived at the YOU ARE HERE point, where the Ben Johnson trail began.

The defining characteristics on the Ben Johnson trail are redwood trees (Duh), silence, peace, and BRIDGES! I love bridges! See below for two of my favorite bridges!

On this trail, there is a MASSIVE redwood tree that has fallen. It’s literally right across the trail, so it must have been a recent occurrence. See Matty for size reference.


Something important to note about the Ben Johnson trail is that it is completely uphill. It’s not dangerously steep, where you feel as though you might topple backwards, but there are parts of the trail where you will be panting and your calves burning – but it feels sooooo good!

All of your hard work on the Ben Johnson Trail will be rewarded when you reach the Dipsea Trail, as it is a slower, gentler descent back down the mountain. Along the way, the groves of redwoods will be interrupted by gentle rolling hills of brush. There is a fabulous view near the middle of the Dipsea Trail! See!?!?


I was so happy Matty took me to Muir Woods, because I have been wanting to go for FOREVER and we feel so lucky to have discovered the Ben Johnson and DipSea Trails. What a great experience & workout (Matt’s on the Left, Mine on the Right)! FYI: Screenshot right after the hike.





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